Why Leadership Strategy?

"Good leadership not only takes us to a common level, but to a higher level."

Of course the objective is to improve the company's performance, increase profits and bring the company forward. But the focus of leadership is placed firmly on people. Our systematic approach is scientifically grounded for example with tools such as organizational network analysis.

The leadership qualities of each individual, his emotional intelligence and team skills are brought to life and optimized with the Leadership Incubator®. A company's sense of identification with the vision, the goals and the values of the company are consolidated and enhanced through the Culture Dynamo® approach.

Values Create Added Value

Each and every employee is responsible for living a company's values on a daily basis. Yet unfortunately critical role of values in day to day business is not communicated to the workforce often enough. The real challenge for a company's leaders lies in sustaining and promoting the culture which they wish to achieve through their actions. The measures and actions developed by Entheos are instrumental to ensure that everyone involved takes these values to heart. Managers play a crucial role in this process in their capacity as messengers and multipliers of a company’s values.

Authentic Leadership Style Begins With Oneself

The capacity for self-leadership is the first step toward an optimized corporate culture. That is why everyone in all departments needs to be included. The process begins with each individual taking a good look at himself: Where am I really? Where do I stand? What can I personally do to help improve overall performance? The Entheos consulting sessions help members of the organization learn how individual self-reflection can improve the overall performance of the collective.

A Leader Is First Among Equals

Managers and executives are increasingly coming to realize that leadership is being democratized in today's knowledge society. Those who speak with the concierge in the same way as they speak with their fellow board members have understood this shift. Leadership is not based on position but on knowledge – the knowledge of one's specialist field and social as well as emotional awareness. Any member of a company’s staff has the potential to develop leadership skills and the ability to evolve into a role model. Anyone can be an energizer and kick-start the energy flow within a company. This is how employees become a team and how teams become an organization supported by everyone

And What Lies Between? Energy

A company whose deeds and actions are full of energy is one in which products, markets and are in harmonious alignment. Energy evolves and flows. As a result, individuals, teams and, ultimately, the entire organization motivate each other continually. Entheos consultancy services give clients the tools they need to get the energy flow in the company moving and to keep it in motion.

 Forging Leadership Strategy