Leadership Strategy – The Leadership Incubator®

First and foremost, leadership strategy means being committing to having a leadership strategy. While this may sound obvious, it is a crucial element for success. Only when the values and actions are internalized, can a company commit to them one hundred percent. Everyone involved must be clear on why they are doing this: relevance, permanence and clarity. These qualities are key to the values that will be identified and the process of culture renewal that will emerge. Within this context the Entheos Leadership Incubator® system is used to enhance the energy flow between the areas of self-leadership, team leadership and organization leadership.

Self-Leadership – The Individual Leading The Way

The commitment of each and every individual – team members, team leaders and top managers alike – is crucial to the success of any leadership strategy. Just like in an orchestra, where each musician must be master of his instrument by having both the ability and the intent to be the best musician possible. Anyone who has mastered his instrument of choice also has the capabilities of being a team player. The Entheos workshops and seminars assist individuals how to develop this capacity of self-leadership. The sessions provide step-by-step coaching in emotional intelligence by encouraging participants to be determinedly self-aware. As such, all individuals are involved in a permanent process of alignment with themselves and with their immediate and broader environment, work objectives and, consequently, the company as a whole.

Team Leadership – Creating Relationships For A Common Goal

In an orchestral setting, individual instruments come together to form vital teams which are responsible for the overall sound that is produced. Just as there are string or woodwind sections, a company has teams that come together to provide the spark for innovation and success. Finding a common alignment is just as important for leading teams in which all members are motivated to allow their spirit and self-responsibility to unfold. Entheos highlights ways in which teams can be structured, team leadership can be established and members can put their own interests second to the group’s. Trust and mutual support are a vital part of this process.

Organizational Leadership – The Orchestra In Perfect Harmony

A company's organization is usually a large, difficult-to-define "block" that thwarts innovation and hamstrings employees. This is exactly where Entheos’ consultantcy comes in. We advise companies to think about their existing corporate culture, to reflect on it collectively and, when appropriate, to target changes aimed at ultimately achieving harmony across departments. In this scenario, the individuals, the teams and the company's objectives blend together, like an orchestra to form a harmonious whole. In order for this to function, the individuals who are involved need to demonstrate a willingness and a will for it to happen. Of course like any orchestra, they need a conductor whom everyone trusts: a personality who is tightly networked within the company, who has internalized the company's objectives and who speaks the language of the employees as well as the investors. This is the highly modern leadership approach that Entheos communicates in its consultancy.

Energy Flow – The Connecting Element

The Leadership Incubator® defines not only the three different dimensions of leadership quality, it also illustrates the relationships between them. The flow of energy between these three dimensions is the key factor for the success of the approach. The challenge is to release the energy that is, in fact, always there but is all too often blocked. Successful leaders are characterized by a distinct orientation toward achieving goals and accomplishing objectives while displaying a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. They are the initiators who keep the flow of energy moving.

On the strength of his experience spanning many years, Jeffrey Beeson has developed a model that presents this approach in an appealing and easily understandable manner: the Leadership Incubator®.

 Forging Leadership Strategy