Leadership As A Part Of Culture Renewal – The Culture Dynamo®

What does culture renewal mean? And how long does the process take? The culture of a company is often a structure that has developed over the years and lacks precise definition. The first step in the renewal process is an obvious one: identifying what the values of a company are or what they should be. In a process of culture renewal, a working environment needs to be created in which the energies inherent within individuals, teams and the organization can evolve and flow. Only then will the company be able to draw on its most important capital: the knowledge and the passion of its individuals.

Culture Renewal Means Moving To A Higher Level

In the context of corporate culture, the process of culture change is like a spiral that is constantly in motion: there is no precise starting point and no exact end. The challenge of leadership is to devote attention to corporate culture on a constant basis. It is this kind of leadership that pushes the organization upward in the spiral – toward higher levels of performance and a sustainable competitive edge.

The spiral model of the Culture Dynamo® incorporates two basic principles: development and nurturing. Development defines the thrust with which the renewal process is pushed up the spiral. The company's values are filled with significance, internalized and communicated. Nurturing ensures that the actions identified are sustained on a permanent basis. They grow within the company like a delicate plant and require a lot of care as they progress through the gradual process of institutionalization. Feedback loops in which the company analyzes the progress made to date play a crucial role. Evaluation of every intiative is one of the key ways of ensuring the success of the Culture Dynamo®process.

Activating Culture Renewal – Development

A company's cultural development must be propelled forward. Focusing on core values, testing new methods with prototypes and employing systemic communication can help new ways of thinking spread through the company and become embedded in the organizational culture. Cultural messages are selected that the company's leaders passionately and inherently support. These messages are communicated and are tested on individuals from different departments and diverse functional levels. Only through these means can a broad impact be achieved –by employing a range of different communication channels.

Embedding what has been achieved – Nurturing

A newly developed corporate culture requires constant nurturing. The newly sown plants of the company's culture begin to take root throughout the organization after the development stage. This process of institutionalization is a crucial step toward the new culture becoming permanently established. The company finds itself participating in a permanent experiment during which it is called upon to venture into new territory and make it harder to revert to the old way of doing things. In the nurturing phase, everything that has been achieved is put into daily practice and repeatedly evaluated in feedback loops. This provides the opportunity to hone the objectives and foster a new level of development. Through this process the spiral, and with it the process of culture renewal, reaches the next level.

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