How Does Leadership Strategy Work?

There are various ways to analyze and utilize the structures and resources of a company's employees. Entheos has a whole toolkit of scientifically based instruments and methods at its disposal for which Entheos consultants are certified.

The aim is to activate the energy reserves of each individual, convert them into an energy flow and ultimately generate an energy field that surrounds the entire company. To achieve this, Entheos advises the company's employees in five core competencies. These five areas are the sensing, advocating, connecting, motivating and creating. Each of these core competencies elicits different effects in the three areas of self-leadership, team leadership and organization leadership. Entheos’ utilizes these core competencies and areas of leadership as the basis for all of its seminars and workshops.


Organizational Network Analysis

The quality of social relationships plays a crucial role in the kind of social networks which are found in a corporate setting. A network analysis differs from an organizational structure chart in this context. What is important is the amount of time two employees spend together, their familiarity with one another and the services (such as information or favors) that they exchange with each other. Presented in a network diagram, this reveals vital information on the actual quality of relationships and how work gets done within a company.

Values Monitoring Tools

These tools assess and respond to the key indicators of an organization's internal health. They monitor the alignment of values and mission with the actual activities taking place within the company: the greater the alignment, the better the performance of the organization.

Conversation Catalyst®

The Conversation Catalyst® takes advantage of optimal group dynamics to foster high-quality, face-to-face discussions in large groups (with as many as 200 participants). Quality communication inside the organization is accelerated, ensuring that vital information and knowledge flows across functions and geographies.

Action-Learning Interactive Workshops and Seminars

Key messages are transmitted to access multiple learning styles as well as support both cognitive and emotional learning. Each session is customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Interactive Simulations

Interactive Simulations
These enable individuals to see the greater whole, the function of energy flow in performance and their personal role in achieving results.


Team Coaching

Using the principles of the Leadership Incubator®, Entheos consultants assist teams in reaching their highest performance potential.

Executive Coaching

Personal coaching is used to support individual leadership development.

Psychometric Instruments

Leadership begins with awareness. Entheos tactically deploys validated instruments such as Workplace Big 5 and FIRO-Business. These instruments help individuals and teams develop a self-awareness of their leadership preferences and styles. In addition, they illustrate how those issues influence personal and team interactions.

Feedback Instruments

360° instruments such as Lominger and 360 by Design provide the extra set of "eyes" for leaders to recognize the impact of their leadership style on others.

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