Entheos is a Leadership Strategy consultancy dedicated to optimizing performance and innovation in organizations through an integrated approach to leadership development and culture renewal.

Entheos founder Jeffrey Beeson developed this integrated approach with the Leadership Incubator® and Culture Dynamo® systems. These two practice-driven approaches are used to forge modern leadership strategy in an organization and stimulate a process of culture renewal.

The Leadership Incubator®

The Leadership Incubator® builds the company’s leadership capacity. It is made up of the three modules: Self-Leadership, Team Leadership and Organization Leadership. In his capacity as a consultant, Jeffrey Beeson provides concrete advice on how to activate the energy flow in each of these three areas.

The Culture Dynamo®

The Culture Dynamo® is leadership in action aimed at reaching optimal performance. Through this unique six step process, Entheos assists companies in creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Through a mix of various initiatives, a company's culture and its values are continually strengthened and renewed – leading to more effective ways of working.

The use of these two systems results in a continual process of culture renewal contributing to the improvement of leadership quality throughout the company. The aim is to increase employee's level of enthusiasm and passion about their work, their interaction with co-workers and their work environment, thereby improving the performance of the entire company. And because no two companies are alike, the Leadership Incubator® and Culture Dynamo® are adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each company.

Entheos has defined five values that underlie all of its work:


We show great respect and admiration for a client's current situation and undertake only what is appropriate. The dignity of individuals, groups and organizations is upheld in every interaction.


We strive to create the circumstances in which individuals, individuals, teams and organizations can reach their full potential.


We focus our awareness on the possible in the form of hidden potential contained in every situation.


We are thoughtful about our approach and always looking for new ways of doing things – yet critical in selecting the appropriate quality.


We do not attempt to be or to portray something that we are not.

 Forging Leadership Strategy